Monday, January 26, 2009

Gah, learning html is not easy. I have this book which is great but I don't understand it lol. I am trying to get on the computer and try bits out but I feel like I am learning a new language and not understanding what is being said or what I am writing! I seem to remember Gill using this book so not sure if that would be easier???
I will carry on though!!
Today's plan (one of many) is to phone my local college as I want to enrol on a book-keeping course but I need to know how much it will cost before I head down there. They didn't seem to know last time I phoned so I am going to try again. It will be on a Monday 2-4pm which is the best time for a course. Not too early in the day and yet not in the evening (of which I only have 1/2 free a week anyway).

The girls are off to do a radio run through today. I had fun helping them come up with ideas for their 20 minute slot and then I tweaked and padded out their script for them last night. I really enjoyed it. I used to do radio myself - I wanted to be a dj till I met some nasty ones at (what was then) Piccadilly in Manchester. It put me off as you had to be super tough mentally and I was only 15 at the time and a gentle soul lol. Radio has changed a lot since then though. When I volunteered at the local hospital radio we had to use vinyl and wind back the record to the start. We also had no scripts so I think today's dj's have it easier. All computer done with producers and scripts. They can just turn up and read it out. Hmmm maybe I should go back into it lol.

We have a day at home today so I plan on doing some stuff with the kids, reading some more html, attempting a bank account form and fitting in 1 hour birdwatching as I didn't get round to it this weekend. We have lots of feeders out in the front garden - 2 of which M made at a bird event a week ago. I hope we have lots of little visitors to them.

Oooh and I must not forget most importantly right now, to do some reading about the latest consultation! That should keep me busy then!!


Gill said...

Yes, I got about halfway through that book. Still not sure if I could build a site from scratch without a WYSIWYG though!

india said...

happy new year of the ox...your year!