Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ooops, a belated happy new year everyone :-)
Today is D's 13th birthday. We have had a nice day of chilling and eating. D has spent LOTS of time playing with her new phone and this eve we are ordering pizza. Back to the new year exercise another day lol

We had a sociable evening last night as we went out to a late new year party. J stayed home as he was a bit off colour but he seems okay today. Consequently I had a lie in this morning till nearly 10am. I don't feel any less tired for it though which means it makes sense to set alarms to get me out of bed early. Back to my earlier alarm tomorrow as I have many projects that need attention. I was supposed to be at ju-jitsu tonight but have skipped it. D is happy though!

I have had to swap my yoga to Monday night now which works out really well as I no longer have such a rushed Thursday and can do the papers earlier. It all seems to be plodding along nicely and things are falling into place .
All the children's activities have started up now. M has moved up to full lengths of the big pool. She lacks confidence yet has the best technique. Her teacher is a darling though and so good with the children and M likes him.
A wants to do more physical stuff so I bought her and D an adult skipping rope and have been encouraging her to walk my Mum's dog. I have also located a free yoga class on Friday's too. I have a a plan to hire a sports hall and invent a game of non-contact rugby that we can all run around and play - all ages. I reckon the game already exists so it shouldn't be hard to work out.

Recently I set up a new older kids home-ed group. I am going to open a bank account and apply for funding so they can do fun stuff like archery, sailing. horse-riding etc. I shall try anyway.

Now D wants to go back on so I will lastly blog a photo of the birthday girl :-)


india said...

it's called tag rugby

india said...

ps happy bday daisy..

Gill said...

Happy birthday, lovely D!

Your new group sounds great! Hope you blog your progress - will be very interested to see how you go on xx