Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am just sooooo cold. I don't have my heating on really hot so obviously I am a little on the chilly side most of the time but gotta keep those bills low!
What have we been up to?
The older girls had to go to a new radio station last week to do some more training for their live show. The local-ish one they used to go to had lost it's funding so they have to go to one on the other side of the city now. They had a great time there though and have been planning stuff to take to a run-through next Monday. It is great that they are independent at travelling. I provide them with bus/tram fare and off they go. I must sort out under 16 passes though.

We had our first trailblazers meeting. I am going to set up a blog to record the stuff we do there though. I have plans for it and am sure to be able to fit it in and the creation of self-employment. I am going to lobby the government to create a brand new 24 hour day in the week so I can get more done. I mean they added a second at new year so it should not be a problem should it??

The girls and I had fun the other evening watching the snooker final. It led to googling after midnight on what snooker balls and snooker cues are made from. Then last nights discussions were of America's new president, slavery and what the word allegiance means etc. Never a non-educational moment here. I was even walking down the main road in Manchester the other week trying to explain the Gaza conflict to J(6)- who asked me about it as there was a loud demo going on outside the BBC. Sometimes I love this city so much. Amazing things are always going on.

The girls are off to a new event tonight run at the RNCM- which is a new group doing musical theatre. No auditions/skill level required just enthusiasm. It also coincides well with everyone elses activities. M is the only one that has anything tonight which is a half hour swimming lesson. I am then hopefully off to a meeting about our social enterprise we are creating - or planning to.
I am also checking out the local college for short courses that might be useful.
Not been doing as much on the computer training as I would like. I have also been trying to teach myself touch typing on the kids BBC website but then was ousted from the computer as all the children wanted a go.

So lots of regular stuff going on and not a dull moment. I am trying to work up the enthusiasm now to fill in yet another consultation on home-education. I think it will be a late night job though as that seems to be my best time to fill them in. Knowing me though it will be done near the deadline but you never know. I will definitely do it though!

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