Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I would like to share with everyone our hectic Tuesday afternoon and why I am grateful for my travel mug!!
Here goes:
At any time after half 2 I start preparing drinks bottles and snacks to take out while shouting instructions to kids to find socks, coats, ds's etc.
I usually then do one of two things: usher A and D out of the door at 2.45pm to walk the mile and a half to the leisure centre or I drop one of them there in the car (only if weather is bad) while the other stays home and waits with the younger ones.
I then pile 2 or 3 children in the car and drive to the leisure centre for 3.20pm. We have to leave here before the school on our cul-de-sac comes out as the traffic lights only allow 5 cars out each turn and everyone seems to get collected by car from the school.

Squash for older kids starts at 3.30pm while M and J sometimes join in with the warm up or play on ds's.
At 4.15pm older kids squash finishes and M and J get their go. I then leave D watching them while I drive A and another boy to the tram station. A then heads into Manchester for her drama group.
I drive back to squash.
Squash finishes at 5pm-ish. I then take D,M and J home - 5.20pm.
I place the oven on low and put veggie burgers in whilst requesting M finds her brownie outfit. D gets dance gear on.
At 5.30pm we leave to drop D at dancing.
Home again at 6.10pm when we eat burger on buns.

Out again in car at 7pm to drop M at brownies. From there at 7.10pm J and I drive straight to collect D from dancing.
Home for 7.45pm.
A texts me when she is on tram on way home and I walk and meet her at tram stop at about 8pm.
At 8.20pm I get back in car to collect M from brownies.
Finally home at 8.50pm with all 4 children and myself back under one roof!!!

It used to be even more complicated as M had swimming at 6pm but I have moved that to Wednesday. I also have to leave D waiting at dancing which is fine as she actually finishes at 7pm but I am dropping M at brownies then.

A is doing her last term of drama as the group only allows each child to do it once as it is heavily over-subscribed so this will be different in March when she finishes.
As you can see I am grateful for my travel mug as I am always taking brews out the door with me and having sips when it is safe to do so.
Food is eaten at different times by different people as and when they can fit it in.

This is definitely the busiest day lol. Thursday used to be hectic as J has junior strings then beavers and I then had pilates/yoga but it is only J who has something on I have to organise now.
I always congratulate myself Tuesday evening when everyone has been to and delivered home from their activities. And no-one is late for anything as I am fantastic at time-keeping.
Go me!! ;-)

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