Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well the big girls have just left for Playgroup. Lol it sounds funny saying that. Of course, they are helping out at playgroup (not attending it to play!!) ... but are probably playing as well, albeit with small children in tow! They love going but getting up at 8am knocks them out for the rest of the day. No stamina like myself who can ignore the tired feeling I get and keep going!! But they are younger and not as experienced as myself. While there, they play with the kids, do crafts with them and they take it in turn each week to be in the kitchen chopping fruit and brewing up for the adults. A good bit of work experience I think.

Yesterday we went to our local home-ed social. The kids all had a good time playing magic cards, pool etc. I got to chat about business plans with 2 of the women involved in the new group we have set up. It is important we keep the energy fresh IMO and strive for the next step. I am hoping then by October this year to come off IS as that is when they will want to start making me transfer over. At least I have this year to sort it out. I also count myself lucky that there are 4 of us working together on this with a view to helping others long term. I am thankful that I have older children who can help out with younger ones if I need to be out. It must be so hard if you are a lone parent , home-educating a child who is 7 and you don't have the support network.

Today I aim to be more organised! I have to take J into Manchester at 3pm then to his Junior Strings then hop on a bus to his Beavers. Last week even though I felt organised we ended up leaving too late to get the bus. We got the tram instead which meant we had to walk 10 minutes down the busy road upto the University. I actually prefer that though as travel time on public transport is less. I will just quickly compare costs:
Option 1:
Bus to Manchester
Cost: £3.30 adult ticket and 7op child. Total: £4
Journey time: approx 30 mins.
Afterwards then:
Bus to Chorlton, J ticket 70p.
Total Cost : £4.70

Option 2:
Tram to Manchester
Cost £2.20 adult ticket and 90p child. Total £3.10
Journey time: Tram 12 minutes, walk 10 minutes.
Afterwards then:
Bus to Chorlton, adult £1.70, child 70p.
Total cost : £5.50

Hmmmm so there is less than a pound in it but this is far outweighed by the tram being quiet and not full of school children who are very LOUD in the city (which Jude in particular hates).

Okay so the tram wins. It also means we don't have to worry abour missing our bus or it not turning up as the trams are every 6 minutes.

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