Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just so I remember ....

Next weeks schedule:
Monday : Maths club, allotment, dance class
Tuesday : Trampolining, play date, girls haircuts, Brownies.
Wednesday : AP, swimming lesson, Halloween
Thursday : Swimming, yoga/pilates
Friday : Drama, family choir, papers, guides.
Need to fit in a pizza night and one last shopping trip with my niece (Thursday morning/ Tuesday night?).
Yeah I'm sure we can squeeze that in somewhere .......


Gill said...

ROFL! So much for finding a totally free day! It doesn't sound too likely ;-)

Mrs Darcy said...

Lol yes I see what you mean. Some of that stuff happens fortnightly, some early and other bits in the evening. I could do 9-5 occasionally, bit like a day job lol.

Crunchy said...

Wow u r so busy!!!!!! No wonder I can never get hold of u!! Maybe chat at the weekend then??? Or post on your blog so I know what you have been up to/thinking xx Been reading some amazing stuff about children and learning, and some was told interesting stuff about a home ed mum who let her children choose what they wanted to study and they drew/read for the first week, now they are asking to do maths with mum!!! All by choice.