Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I copied this from the EO list

The Department of Work and Pensions is currently consulting on proposals to get parents off benefit. From next year you would not be entitled to Income Support when your youngest child is 12 but would have to look for work and receive Jobseekers Allowance. From 2010 the age lowers to 7. This effectively makes it diificult to home-ed if you are a lone parent not earning a wage.

EO Campaign site has put together a few links on this

The walkthrough( second link ) includes 2 sample responses. We hope to upload more.

This is what it says on LATEST page

Tuesday 9th October
Department Of Work & Consultation On Changing The Benefits System The DWP is currently running a consultation about the best ways to get parents off benefits. The proposals will particularly affect Lone Parents on Income Support and also parents of disabled and SEN children. The consultation ends on October 31st.

EO Government Policy Group and EO Disability Group will both be making a full official response to this consultation on behalf of Education Otherwise.

However as we have seen with other Government consultations, officials have to sit up and take notice of home educators if a sufficient number of us also respond individually.

Unfortunately there isn't an online interactive form where you can just type in your answers as thousands of us did with the Guidelines Consultation, so we have written a Walkthrough. [ on the campaign site this is a hyperlink ]

If you have any difficulties responding to this consultation please send feedback to:

Roger Pugh
Department for Work and Pensions,
Consultation Coordinator, Room 2A,
Britannia House,
2 Ferensway,
Hull HU2 8NF 01482 609571

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