Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We had an extremely busy day on Monday. I dropped the older 2 for their LAMDA drama class for 10 am at a community centre. They have one maybe two more of these classes before they take the exam on October 16th. I have to get them to a private girls school where they will sit it lol. A is doing Anne Frank. She knows the story but someone gave her the dvd and she doesn't want to watch it. I don't blame her. I cried just listening to her doing the dialogue. I wish she could have done the railway children instead but she is fine with it.

Whilst the older 2 were doing drama I left the younger two there with my friends and I nipped off to buy food for our lunch. We had lunch there than had our monthly session of family choir. Only A joined in but there were quite a few families there so we made a good noise.

A and D were delighted that one family in particular was there as their Dad is Japanese, so they were chatting with the 7 year old and asking about Japanese pronunciation. The little girl wrote their names in Japanese for them. I couldn't get them away when it was time to go!!

It took ages for people to leave and I was a little stressed as I was planning on going to the allotment and was running out of time but as key holder I had to wait for the building to clear. Then the caretaker turned up so I finally got away.

We wanted to go to our allotment plot as someone told me it had been cleared. Hurray! It has a few ground weeds but is quite good. So we spent an hour there on Monday. I marked out the plot and 3 small beds and started digging out the path to provide top soil for the beds. The kids loved it there. About 1/3rd is allotment, the rest, orchard and wild space so they played around. They found a huge old apple tree laden with apples. So in the hour they were there they picked about 60 and the are eaters - cox's I think. So we won't have to buy organic apples for weeks. They have since been devouring them daily and juicing them!!

We headed back there yesterday and the kids all helped carting woodchip to our plot for the path. We made a pile of it too as last time we missed out on the woodchip as anyone can take it. It is amazing how much we have achieved in such a short time. The girls found a lovely big log that they placed at the back. They want to carve their names into it. We are also going to put a bench there and a (willow?) screen behind it to stop the weeds encroaching. A wants a pond so I said we have an old cat litter tray we can bury into the ground. Just have to look at what to put in it now. I plan on us having one day a week there, whenever it is dry enough. It was actually too hot yesterday. But of course as I forgot to bring the laundry in last night it has since rained and looks set to be a grey one today. Oh well we are off to a home-ed group meet and there will be cameras there for the kids to do filming. They love that kind of thing and are very creative.

I need to go and buy cat food now as I have run out and one of the cats is not very happy lol!!

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