Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It is non stop activity and fun and madness here as usual. Many songs (mostly high school musical 2) are to be heard bellowing out of different rooms. This is not a brilliant house for an introvert but I manage to get a bit of quiet if I need it. I just have to pick my time. 7pm seems a good one right now lol.
On Monday we headed to see Flushed Away for free at a local cinema as part of NSFW. I love the fact as home-educators we can just book for our family and turn up. If I was organised I could see one film a day but I only book films we will all sit through and ones that are local.
We enjoyed the film, it really was very funny. A friend turned up after half an hour as they had got stuck in traffic. We got a few looks from the 3 small school groups that came but hey they probably wonder who we are, why there are so few kids with us, of mixed ages and without uniform. Maybe we should hand out leaflets rofl.....

Yesterday my 2 eldest headed to a private girls school to sit their LAMDA exam. They said it went well and had a nice time waiting in a private office with their friends. Another thing to put in their files then. They get the results in the next 6 weeks. Neither of them appear to get nervous almost to the point of being blase about the exam but I really don't mind. I think they gained as much from the process as the end result anyway.

Today my eldest is 14.
She has had a good day (I think). My niece has made her a cheesecake which at 9.15pm we haven't touched yet! I am awaiting their return from a big shopping centre that I am happy not to have had to trawl round. They are good fun to be with though - they make me laugh.
Today at our home-ed meet up they were filming their own version of the Oprah show in between blaring music and dancing. High energy stuff. They should sleep well tonight then!

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