Friday, October 12, 2007

I have to actually look at my calendar to remember what we have done.

On Wednesday we had our monthly green team meet up. We did some coppicing and others did some planting and weeding of our flower bed. I will take my camera next time so I can post photos. M had her swimming lesson straight after that but first we had to drop all 40 tools back to the industrial estate. When I got there I had to cart them all into the office as the main guy wasn't there. I felt I had done a big work out that day.

On Thursday the girls went swimming and then we went to Urmston. I returned a faulty clothes airer then we went to a local park. We were told there were lots of fly agarics there and we found them. It is amazing that most people must just miss them and walk past. Even my kids who tolerate my nature madness like finding fungus.

We then headed into Manchester and collected my niece who had travelled up on the train. She is here for 2 weeks and this morning they were all sat round the table doing maths at 9am!! I'm afraid my brain was still a bit foggy to help them out at that time. The only bit of maths I seem to like is working out patterns. I groan at everything else.
It is very lively with another teen here, I like it! I have asked if they will all help us blitz the house this week. I may even get my bedroom painted, that would be good!

Today I traipsed round shops while the girls were at drama looking for kids shoes. I didn't find any though so will have to keep looking. We also managed to do all 3 paper rounds. I roped in D and her friend to do the big 210 one which took us just under an hour.

I am going to slob and watch some telly now. I am part way through my consultation draft but I do too many typos at this time of night so will crack on this weekend.
I had a go at someone on a blog today (not in a nasty way, honest!) and that has helped clear my head and for some reason made me more positive about it all.
It will all work out okay I believe .... but I just don't know how ... yet ;o)


Gill said...

It will work out ok xx

Sometimes its the really bad things that end up turning out really well actually, isn't it?

kelli said...

Such cool mushrooms! Ours don't look like that :( Yours are soo colorful.

We just watched a movie called "Fairy Tale: A True Story" and the fairy ring was formed by those same mushrooms :)