Monday, October 1, 2007

Should any one group represent us home-educators?
I have been asking myself that a lot recently.
Whilst I love our community like any community it has it's share of mixed up individuals who sometimes happen to be running the groups/sites that represent us. Is having a body to fight our cause necessary?

I loved EO. I was so happy to find a national group I thought I could belong to. I have been a member for 12 years but don't feel so strongly about it anymore. I wonder if in part because I feel stronger about myself and my abilities so need the group less.

My friend makes her own home-ed truancy sweep cards and puts the web address for HEAS on it rather than EO. I think the good thing about this is that it has the title of Home Education Advisory Service which at least sounds official and mentions the words home education.

Surely when it comes to dealing with changes in government statutes/laws WRT home-education it IS good to have a group doing some work. Maybe if it was left to individuals most wouldn't bother. I know the recent consultation guidelines probably had enough of us responding but when some estimate that there are approx 50,000 home-educators the majority didn't bother doing anything.

My friend thinks we should make ourselves strong on a local level. Be-friending our MP's and LA's so they can work for us should any change be threatened on a national level.
It s difficult to know what it best.
The problem is that there isn't just one group trying to represent us nationally. People get fed up so start their own smaller group. But maybe that in itself is a good thing.
What are your opinions on this?

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Crunchy said...

Our Cambridge group are meeting regularly with the LA now, but this doesn't involve me as I am in Essex council.

I don't really care who speaks for me- though do feel it is worse if there are lots of little organisations fighting and not all joining together to be a unified group, however Home Educators are so diverse with various wings I don't think any one group could accurately represent us. Maybe we need a HOME EDUCATION GOVERNMENT- with the Eclectic Party, the Structured Party and the Autonomous Party...

All in favour ??????