Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ooooh the highlight of my week was watching Kate Rusby at the Lowry on Friday night.

I had been on her website that morning and was alarmed to see she had cancelled gigs on Wed and Thurs as she had lost her voice. I spoke to someone at the Lowry and they said "as far as they know" she was going to be on that night. Turns out she was and it was great. She was struggling a bit near the end and coughing, poor woman but it was good stuff. 1400 people watching and singing some bits! I treated myself to a KateRusby t-shirt - a very happy bunny was I!

I went to the show alone. I bought a ticket for me and some people including family think it is sad or weird to go out alone but I honestly like it. I would equally like company but only if you liked her already would you spend the £19 on a ticket and no-one I know would do that. I did spot my friend and her husband down in the stalls so chatted to them briefly afterwards. But the guy on my door is a volunteer I haven't seen for some months and we get on well so I spent the interval with him. Then another woman came over that I sat with at the training so we were all chatting together.

I had cancelled my shifts recently due to wondering if I wanted to carry on there. I do enjoy it but it is so much effort to organise the kids and childcare before I come out. Last night as A was at guides, D walked the younger 2 down to my Mum's where they watched movies for the 2 hours I was out. This is a rare thing though and not something I am happy with on a regular basis. It all went well anyway and I had a great time and it helped me decide I do still want to carry on there as it is some sort of a social life at least rofl!!


Gill said...

Zara's been to see her and absolutely loved it too.

dawniy said...

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Mrs Darcy said...

Yeah no problem Dawniy. Are you telling me this because I am young enough for said blogring lol ;o)

dawniy said...

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